Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Due to my laziness, it has been quite some time since I last blogged. Exams are finally over and I'm having my holidays now. Because there are so many projects and reports to be done, I wouldn't say that I'm enjoying my holidays. I'm trying to finish them up as soon as possible so that I can party afterwards. I don't really like last minute work as it stresses me out a lot.

I've already started on my WFB report. For the umpteen times, I want to thank Jian Hong again for providing me with ideas and answers. He thinks really fast and how I wish I could be like him. I guess I've got to learn how to embrace my other traits. 

On last Friday, my friends and I went to Tampines ITE for T.Party. It was like a mini club and boy, was it hot! I wanted to dance so badly but I couldn't because I was in heels. Everyone looked like wild party animals and it was really a fun night. We then headed to Jalan Kayu for supper with like 10 people. Wei Ling went back home with me and she slept in my house that night.

Movie and lunch
Yesterday, I met up with my BFFs for movie and pepper lunch. We caught New Year's Eve, the movie was not bad. Actually, I was admiring NYC's skyline the whole time because it's absolutely breathtaking.

Lost a friend
There's another matter I want to talk about. Have you ever lost a friend before? What does it feel like to lose a friend? It wasn't my fault to begin with. Since it's just a case of misunderstanding, you would think that everything will be fine again, don't you? But the problem here is that he/she doesn't want to make things better because of stubbornness. It's sad and really stupid at the same time. It's hard to believe at first. It's hard to believe that the friend you just lost was talking to you in person the day before. I don't want to care anymore. I think I'll get over it with lots of time passing.

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