Saturday, 2 June 2012

Okay, there are two issues that I want to talk about. I just find them hilariously stupid.

1) Just so you know, I earned my distinctions through my own hard work. I actually studied. So you think that just by bootlicking the teachers, it can earn you a distinction? Woah if that's the case, I don't need to study already since I can get distinctions just by bootlicking the teachers. This is really stupid. Not only have you insulted me, you have also insulted the teachers. I can't stand jealous people.

Listen. If your answers are correct, you get high marks. If your answers are wrong, you get low marks. It's just as simple as that. Everything depends on your own abilities. If you want to say anything bad about me, please use a better reason. Gosh, you are such an empty vessel. Please go and reflect on yourself.
2) What a useless teacher and a bunch of two-faced horrible people. Of course you are trying to defend him and stuff. But if you know how badly and unfairly we are treated, you will then know how we feel. I have this feeling that you are trying to sabotage my project and ruin my grades. But do you know what? Even if that useless "teacher" doesn't want to help us, we will help ourselves. Since the project only counts for 40%, I have confidence to score well for my theory paper. I'll just pray that his contract ends fast. What a useless piece of shit.

I have never gotten angry at a teacher before in my entire life. NEVER. My purpose of coming to ITE is to study hard to get a high GPA so that I can enrol into a Polytechnic after I graduate. But here you are, trying to ruin my GPA. I don't want to make enemies. I don't like conflicts. I don't want troubles. But YOU forced me to become like this. In the past, I was neutral towards you. But nowadays, you are getting from bad to worst. Being a teacher, you have never showed any good examples to your students. Do you think what you have been doing is right?

And also, I was told a lot of things yesterday that made me realised how scary humans are. You can't trust anyone. Even if they seem nice in front of you, you don't know what they are talking about behind your back and what they are actually thinking. Given your age, I thought you would be matured and know what is wrong and right. But no, you are just like him. Gosh I really dislike two-faced people.